Month: August 2019

Numbers in French from 1 – 10 with Video and Audios

Numbers in French from 1 – 10 with Audios and Video We all know numbers are very important in our daily life. Here you have the numbers in French from 0ne to ten with the video and audios. Listen the audios and it will be very easy for you to understand the French pronunciations. Un One Deux Two Trois Three Quatre Four Cinq Five Six Six Sept Seven Huit Eight Neuf Nine Dix Ten

German A1 class

German A1 Weekday Batch

Best German Classes in Coimbatore New German A1 weekday batch starts from 19th of August. Learn from a very dynamic, enthusiastic teacher. If you are looking for very personalized teaching, you are in the right place. Learn reading, writing, listening and speaking. Get 100% confidence to face the German exams. You will be given the utmost personal attention and you can clear all your doubts easily. Very systematic, student-centred teaching. Call 9842882773