Month: June 2019

Seasons in German

Seasons in German with audios

Seasons in German Seasons in German are easy to learn and remember. In Germany, the spring season is of March, April and May. Summer is from June to August and Autumn from September to November. Winter is during the months of December, January and February. Jahreszeit Season Frühling Spring Sommer Summer Herbst Fall / Autumn Winter Winter

German Greetings with audios

German Greetings with Audios

German Greetings with Audios Here are some of the most basic German greetings to start with. Audios will help you listen to understand the German sounds. Guten Morgen Good morning Guten Tag Good day Guten Abend Good evening Gut Nacht Good night Hallo Hello Tschüss Bye Bis bald See you soon