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German is the most spoken native language of Europe. Learning German can give you more opportunities to study in renowned German universities. Excellent business opportunities as well.

French is the most widely spoken language across the world after English. Learn French can help you immigrate to Canada or pursue your higher studies in France.

Spanish is the second most spoken native language in the world after Mandarin. It is widely spoken in central and southern America.

Italian is one of the most important languages of Europe. It is the fifth most learnt language in the world.

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Student's Feedback

Teaching methodology - simply amazing. All the doubts been cleared instantly. Enjoyed learning French. Can't believe became a French teacher in just six months.
                                      - Raji, Tirupur

I love the classes even though I have to travel all the way from Pollachi. I am very much satisfied because learnt French in the right way.
                                            - Padmapriya, Pollachi

students feedback

I was able to face the French DELF exam with confidence, because the exam preparation was exceptional.
                                                       – Jessica

students feedback

I thought French is tough but I could become a French teacher within 6 months time. All because of the superb coaching.
                                                       – Anita

Excellent teaching methodology. We could start speaking French right from the first day of the class.
                                             – Sowmyalakshmi

I enjoyed so much learning here. I don’t get bored and always looking for the next class. Very memorable classes.
                                                    – Devi